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After Easter Reset

5 things to do to hit your fitness reset button

Ready to reset your fitness plans after the Easter Weekend? Here are 5 ways to find your perfect routine.

Why you might need to reset your fitness routine:

Each season brings different challenges for staying fit and healthy. In winter, the cold weather and dark evenings can make it difficult to head out to training.

Summer months can often be hot and humid, making workouts a challenge and hydration even harder.

But the holidays pose a different kind of challenge to our fitness routines. All of a sudden we have more time and freedom than ever, but there are also many more social events, parties, and gatherings jostling for our attention.

If your workout routine has slipped a little over the weekend, here are 5 things you can do to get back on track and stay there.

Know your fitness “why”

Make your new habits stick by working on your why. This means getting super clear on the reason behind your health kick. Is it to get healthy? Achieve a fitness goal? Or as an outlet for stress to support your mental health?

There’s so much more to fitness than actually getting fit. You can use the gym to make friends, to learn new skills, to try their hand at a different sport, or to reshape their future as fitter, stronger, and healthier. Capture what fitness means to you, and keep this as the guiding star of your renewed journey.

Find your favorite workout

What’s the best type of workout you can do? It’s the one you enjoy! There’s truly no single best form of exercise for getting results. The key factor in making fitness a habit is doing it consistently.

Manage your time

Are you an all-or-nothing personality? If so, you’ll need to be strict about managing your time. It might be tempting to spend hours in the gym, or to book a double whammy of back-to-back studio classes. But this will soon impact the rest of your life – and leave you feeling exhausted.

When you reintroduce a fitness routine, you can’t expect to cram it in. Take a smart approach to time management so the rest of your life doesn’t suffer from being squeezed out. Would it be best for you to work out in the mornings before the day gets started? Or would evenings work best for you when there’s less of a rush? Get out your diary, look at how much time you can spare for exercise, and then build in a buffer zone for spontaneous socializing or much-needed rest.

Aim for consistency with your workouts, walks, and healthy meal planning. Achieving an 80/20 balance is far better than shooting for 100% but falling short because you’re being over ambitious.

Strike the right balance

As you ease into your new fitness routine, don’t be too hard on yourself. Aiming for perfect workouts and flawless weeks will only set yourself up for disappointment. After all, isn’t the whole point for fitness to be part of your life?

Make sure you find a happy balance between socializing, time with friends, rest, relaxation, and working out. And if you fall off the wagon (it happens!) don’t worry. Just get back up and carry on moving forward. The best way to do this is by identifying small, keystone habits that you can tick off to get back on track. These could be eating a healthy breakfast, prepping your lunch, hitting your step count, doing a short workout, or not buying junk food. Whatever connects you back to your routine.

Make steady progress

The start of any new fitness journey is filled with excitement. You’re raring to go, and you can’t wait to hit your goal! It’s tempting to do too much, too soon. But the best approach is to build on small habits until they become part of your daily life.

Start by setting goals that are so small they seem too easy. Perhaps two workouts a week, protein with every meal, and an earlier bedtime. Once those become ingrained, add another habit or scale up an existing one.

Ready to learn more??? Check out what we have to offer to help get you going at the UpHill Fitness website!

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