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Exercise Tempo Tip

Fitness tip… the 3-0-1-0 tempo principle.



To get the most of your time in the gym, or your particular routine, there are a couple areas that you have to control, your form and range of motion.



One habit you can use to help with both of these is the 3-0-1-0 tempo concept.



This is an instruction for the pacing of your reps (I will use a bench press rep for the example).

💪🏻Use a 3 count for time under negative resistance (downward control movement from the arms extended to your chest).

💪🏻0 for amount of count as the rep is in the bottom position (bar at your chest level).

💪🏻1 count for the amount of time under the upward resistance movement to start position (arms extended - not locked at the elbows - supporting the weight).

💪🏻0 for the count of time the weight rests at start position.

Use this on all reps of your exercise. This tempo management will help you to concentrate on maintaining proper form, peak range of motion & maximum muscle fatigue during your workouts!

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