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Out Train Your Diet??

You have probably heard the expression “you can’t out train a bad diet,” or something similar. . . This side-by-side photo shows just how true this statement is for me. . . 2 years apart. In both pics I was actively exercising, both resistance training and cardio. Both anywhere from 4-5 days a week. The difference?? My nutrition. Better food, better timing in the day as to when certain foods were consumed, and oh… a different, far better, approach to my food as well. . . Even though I had successfully lost a lot weight already, I had slipped back into the habit of “food as entertainment.” . . Food is meant to fuel our body, it isn’t designed for entertainment or sport… FUEL. . . Are you exercising/workout/cardio-ing like crazy and not seeing a difference?? Check your food habits. Are you eating for sport, for entertainment, or for fuel??

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